Monday, 5 May 2014

Well, I'm about

Well, I'm about to go back to Minneapolis. Vancouver was great, I'm glad I made the trip. It was really a pleasure to visit see my sisters and my brother. I talked to Maria today and she might have found a clerk job in addition to her tutoring lessons. I think we'll be fine financially until the end of the year. I feel bad for my dad, but there's nothing I can really do about it for now except give him moral support. I feel bad for my mom though, because she was getting compensation from their divorce, and now she is getting nothing and has to sell her house. 

We all have to make adjustments I guess. It's a drag, but I feel pretty good about we're I'm headed, so that's good. My to do list is getting pretty big. I'm actually looking forward to being in the plane and mark down all the things I have to do in the coming days. I have some catching up to do because I missed class on Friday. I have to edit that music video I shot over the summer, and I have to find a way to clean my damn room. I need to make an Ikea run and get a bunch of cheap shelves. Thank god Ikea finally made it to Minneapolis. No masturbation since 4 or 5 days.

That's once in more than a week. Not a record, but definitely hasn't happened in a while. Longest I stayed without masturbating was at baseball camp when I was 16. Two weeks. Yup. We had no privacy whatsoever, and my mind was so much into baseball, that I could not think about sex. Plus, we didn't get to see a girl in 15 days except for 2 girls working at a concession stand. Fat and Fatter. I remember coming back to my grandma's house and going in the bathroom, and masturbating in the empty tub. I came in less than a minute. Boy did it feel good. Man was it a mess to clean.